Quiero que mis sueños me encuentren

I want my dreams to find me
so that they plant themselves, insistent
to find me all with caress
of perpetual consolation on the lens
looking at me from their talking orbits
with the truth in the temple
their roots solidifies next to me
to take my hands in winter.
I want my dreams to find me
and when they do, they themselves be found
than getting despair, justice be done
because although chaos governs me
this only order, only dream,
persists innocuous to my delusions
It always contemplates me in premiere.
Retrace, impossible
walk, I can’t.
dream, dreamer and dreamed in agreement
only once, though
eternal the attempt is.

2 Replies to “Quiero que mis sueños me encuentren”

  1. Rara vez alguien logra tocar alcanzar sin querer (y sin mi expresa autorización) las trazas de sensibilidad que aún habitan por este lado del monitor.


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