The Plan


Oh my gosh, I left this place abandoned! I’ve been doing video blogs, studying at the university and planning to move to another city. Not exactly in that order. Not with equal priority.

(You can check my videoblog’s first season here. In Spanish only)

As you can see, I did not have the time to write nor to paint and, considering I love both, there were just months of real torture. I just felt it wasn’t worth to do it. I had more urgent things to achieve, more important activities in order to survive in this country. Even though there are other priorities, loneliness is so pressing… and writing is the perfect therapy.

So, I am moving on to this new city. From living in a place full of retired people, families and students, to living in  a metropole. With my knowledge of advanced French, moving to a real bilingual city was a logical step. I did it a month ago. I am in «the New York of the East Coast of Canada» I say, amused, to my friends in my home country. The city of Montreal scared the Hell out of me when I just arrived in Canada years ago, because it looked so much as my hometown, Lima. It was such a big and chaotic city.  It is not «chez nous» (our town, our home), as common French-Quebecers from the last city I was living in would say.  You breathe multiculturalism wherever you go… and even, If you are lucky you find some Canadians… Just in my building, there are Latins, Arabs, and some Quebecers. There are some latin supermarkets around the corner, where I can find everything to cook a real latin meal. Just in my block, there are several Italian, Haitian and Asian small businesses. This neighborhood satisfies all my cravings for food!

I took the decision to move here, a leap of faith with an agonic «jeronimooo», pressing my teeth, believing that I would certainly die if I continued in my comfort zone.  Looking back, I’m always impressed by how many good things do happen, even if you fail: you always win. You win because you have lived through horrible situations, becoming a stronger person, and you finally succeed. You’ll make some other mistakes, but that will be material for another post.

So, Here I am, in a new city, scared as usual, but absolutely loving this new beginning, like an adrenaline addict. I’ve installed myself in the Italian neighborhood (the most intriguing place indeed) and I spend my life just living. It’s almost summer. There is no reason to be unhappy. It’s time to live.

Seeya soon. I have some ideas to develop in here. Meanwhile, you can follow me on Facebook.